Our Story

Hello friend, 

Thank you so much for being part of our Lulu and Peps Kids community! It really means so much to us that you are here! 

We are a Australian owned family business set up in Sydney, Australia with a mission to assist families with teaching their kids how to ride a bike!

The fact that you are here means you are just about to enter the wonderful world of teaching your child how to ride a bike. We are excited to create happy and exciting memories with you as you and your child go through this special milestone. 

Here is our story:

My husband and I along with many other Australian families found the task of teaching our son to ride a bike to be a difficult one. We experienced tears, falls, the words "I don't want to do this anymore" and of course another few months went by where our child still could not ride a bike without training wheels. Our poor child had low confidence and sure enough the bike went back into the garage to collect dust.

"It's because we haven't spent enough time with him to do it!" My husband would say!

"We need to teach him, his getting older now, he can't be the only one who can't ride a bike" I would stress!  

Eventually after a lengthy, stressful process our son learnt how to ride a bike. To see my son smile the first time riding by himself was a unforgettable one.

Surely this special  milestone that all kids go through didn't have to be like this!

So we looked back at the many different ways we tried to teach our son to ride a bike and invented Lulu and Peps Rider Vests®.

The Solution:

The Lulu and Peps Rider Vest® is a kid friendly quality vest designed to give your child confidence when learning how to ride a bike. It is also designed to  help your child learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels.  

The vest has a handle located at the back of the vest where the adult can hold to assist the child with balancing and pedaling. Once the child is confident with these two steps the adult will gradually let go! The child is confident knowing you are close by to minimise falls but is also importantly learning how to balance and pedal at the same time eliminating the need for training wheels. 

The Lulu and Peps Rider Vest® is also the solution when it comes to lifting your child's confidence going through the process of learning how to ride a bike! It's amazing what a secret cape that zips out of the rider vest can do to your child's self esteem; making them instantly feel empowered, brave and unstoppable! Each cape displays an affirmation, designed to reassure your child and fill their mind with positivity, enhancing their big imaginations when taking on challenging tasks.

Our vision is inspired by the positive kids affirmations; I am smart, I am loved, I am brave, I am my own super power and I am respectful which is to assist with building strong and emotionally healthy kids.

Image: Lulu and Peps Rider Vests® 5 Colour combinations 

We are so excited to be part of this special milestone with learning how to ride a bike! 

Oops.. we almost forgot! You may be wondering who Lulu & Peps are? Well Lulu and Peps are two bears with big hearts who love your kids and bike riding! They want to do everything they can to make sure your children enjoy this special experience, they will also have book coming out soon! 

Love from Lulu & Peps Kids x