How to use your Rider Vest

Dear special friend of Lulu and Peps,

Congratulations on reaching this special milestone of learning how to ride a bike! We are so excited to be part of this amazing experience. 

A few things to know when using your Rider Vest:

1. Ensure the vest is fastened comfortably to avoid the vest from riding up.

2. Remember to fasten your helmet

3. Ensure you can comfortably put two feet on the ground either side of the bike.

4. Know your parent or caregiver is going to be with you every step of the way. Let them know they will be holding onto the handle at the back of the vest, holding it similar to a bicep curl. This will allow you to be able to pedal and get a fast understanding of balancing. 

5. Be reassured you have your parents/caregiver close by :)

6. When you are ready to set off. Take a deep breath in and out. Say the words "I am smart, i am loved and i am brave" then start pedaling! 

7. Pedal Pedal Pedal, you may fall, but it is OK! Get back on. 

8. Repeat, pedal pedal pedal. Gradually once you have mastered balancing and pedaling your parent/caregiver will let go! 

9. Guess what... you have just learnt how to ride a bike!

10. Lulu & Peps are so so proud of you.

11. Remember you are smart, you are loved and you are brave, you are you own super power. xx